Vermiculite Coat (Steel & Concrete)


Bomba Approval : Certificate C1, C2, C3

Fire protection : 60 minutes to 240 minutes (1hr to 4hr).
Colour & Finishing : Off-white colour and monolithic spray texture.
Certificate : BOMBA (Malaysia Fire & Rescue Department) , Warrington Certifire.
Test Standard : BS476 Part 20-21:1987 , AS1530:Part 4, DIN 4102, ASTM E119 UL263.
Application Method : Spray.
Can be apply over bare steel or compatible undercoat/primer. Does not release toxic and hazard.

-Fireproof up to 4 hour rating
-Australia, UK, Germany & USA Standard
-For steel structure & concrete
-No primer required
-Fire resistance up to 240 minutes based on thickness and surfaces of the steel.
-Does not release toxic or hazardous fumes.
-Presents no known health hazards eother before, during or after application.

Typical Substrates:
-Unprimed and primed steel.
-Concrete frames.
-Metal floor/roof decks
-Return air plenums.

Smoke generation :
Does not contribute to smoke generation.

Corrosion resistance:
Does not promote corrosion of steel. However primed substrate is recommended for long term corrosion resistance.

Pass fire resistance tests up to 240 minutes:
-Australia (AS1530: Part 4)
-UK (BS476: Parts 20-21: 1987)
-Germany (DIN 4102)
-USA (ASTM E119 UL263)

Compliance International Standard:
- ISO834

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