Fire Rated Paint for Metal Steel

Fire Rated Intumescent Coat [For Structural Steel]


*Up to 2 hour fire rating.
*Durable and decorative finish.
*Fast drying time.
*Green Label Product.
*Bomba Certification [Malaysia Fire Department].


Suitable for structural steel used as primer.[Apply directly to contour of primed I and H section columns, angles, channels and beams and hollow sections.
It can be sealed and protected with a decorative water based top coat.
Need advice from specialist applicator on the method of application.

Theoritical Coverage 1mm WFT = 0.7mm DFT [Dry film Thickness] = 1 litre per SqM , 1mm = 1000μm[microns]
Surface Burning Flame spread 5, smoke development 35 when tested to ASTM E84.
Durometer Hardness 80 shore D when tested to ASTM D2240.
Initial Set Approx 6 hours at 20'C and 50% RH for 0.4mm WFT.
Impact Resistance 18 kg/m when tested to ASTM D2794.
Fire Resistance Structures protected with the coat have undergone fire resistance tests at approved independant laboratories to recognised standards throughout the world including:
- UK [BS476 : Part 21 : 1987]
- Canada and USA [ASTM E119 and ASTM E84]
- Australia [AS1530 : Part 4]
Assessed in accordance with ASFP 'Fire protection for structural steel in buildings' procedures.
Storage - Indoors in dry conditions between 10'C and 38'C.
- Protect from frost, excessive heat [above 45'C] and strong radiant sunlight.
Shelf Life Maximum 10 months in original sealed containers.
Environmental Do not discharge into drains, watercourses or soil.

Product Specification
Main Raw Material Polyvinyl Acetate Resins and Filler
Usage Appliance Paint, Building Coating, Structural Steel
Application Method Air Spray and Roller
Colour White
Finish Flat Matt Finish
Max Thickness Per Coat Wet film thickness at 1.6mm [Spray] , 0.76mm using brush
Practical Coverage Depend on surface texture, substrate, application method and technique
Theoritical Coverage Approx 18.79 SqM per container[1mm per litre]
Cure By air drying
Abrasion Resistance 0.6505g per 1000 cycles when tested to ASTM D4060
Solid by Weight 70% ± 2%
Density 1.33 kg/litre
pH Value 8.0 ± 0.2 at 25'C

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