About Us

Our Company

Tan Chin Enterprise is one of the fire prevention products, coating, and hardware supplier since year 2012. Our headquarter is situated in Penang, Malaysia.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as one of the best supplier & applicator in the industry with quality standards, service and business ethecs that are unmatched. We always build good relationship with customers and seeking for long term business relationship.

Our Values

  • Treat all customers with respect & degnity.

  • Use speed & simplicity to achieve goals.

  • Conduct ourselves with the highest level of intergrity & business ethics.

  • We accept all inquiries related to our products.

Delivery Service

  • We provide door to door delivery service on any of our products purchased.
  • Coverage area to Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak even other countries.

Fireproofing Work Service

  • Besides supply material, we also apply fire protection coat onto structural steel, duct ventilation, and concrete surface.
  • Other than coating, our manpower can install firestop products such as sealant, mortar, panel, and pillow in accordance to opening specification.
  • All our applicator has more than 10 years’ experience applying fire protection coat and firestop products.
  • Standard submission of Bomba C1, C2 & C3 form will be provided upon completion of our work.

Project Reference

Please contact sales and marketing for further information.