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Black Nitrile Glove (Powder Free)

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Black Nitrile Glove (Powder Free) Glove Black Nitrile Glove (Powder Free) Glove Black Nitrile Glove (Powder Free) Glove

Product : Nitrile Glove Powder Free
Type : Finger Texture
Color : Black
Length : 240mm
Size : XS, S, M, L, XL
Packing : 1 carton=10 small boxes , 1 small box= 100 pieces


Can nitrile gloves be used for food handling?

Yes, nitrile gloves can be used for handling and preparing foods because it is safe to use this material for the mentioned industries and applications. In fact, many consider it as the preferred choice in the food industry since it prevents allergic reactions that often happen when using latex material.

It is also more chemical-resistant compared to latex material. Just ensure that you go for the powder-free version when planning to use a nitrile glove for food handling and application to lower the risk of contamination.


How to sterilize nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves can actually be sterilized to make them even safer to use, especially if you are handling or preparing foods. The first step involved in sterilizing the nitrile glove is to wipe the outer part using an antibacterial cloth or wipes. Make sure to soak the cloth or wipes in a disinfectant prior to using it to wipe the glove’s exteriors.

Avoid using alcohol in sanitizing or sterilizing as this might only increase the risk of the nitrile material for tearing. Once done, hang the glove to dry prior to reusing it. You can actually use this simple method as a substitute for washing the nitrile glove using warm water and soap.

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